Monday, October 6, 2014

World Wide Tour 2014

Hello everyone thanks for stopping by....

 What makes my creativity different from others........I don't feel my work stands out over any other creator. I enjoy so much the touch of the fabric, the colour combinations, and the oh so sweet sound of the sewing machines singing. Creating is just a pleasure.

Why do I create .....I like making all sorting of items. I can start with a small runner or a large quit top.  It so rewarding to see and heard the expressions from people whether they are a receiver or just admiring a creations. Oh, Yes! And the sharing of  ideas with friends and others.

How do I create ..........We'll, let me see. I guess I like to create with my hands and keeps my mind thinking. I don't mind the idea of taking on some projects without a pattern like the serger cover. 

What I am working on........As you probably notice I haven't posted in quite some time but I have been busy. Last week Marjorie and I each finished a quilt top. We have a another project ready to go next week.  I have some quilts tops and some small projects ready for Tiara. There is always something on my mind and lots of projects to look forward to doing. 

So a salute to all the creator out there........Enjoy and keep creating!

Now I know I was suppose to tag a couple of creators but I haven't been blogging much lately so maybe you could check out my side bar and explore some of the other great creators that I follow. Till next time.  
Here's a few items I have been working on lately....
Here comes the spooky!
For a couple special girls!
Waiting to be wrapped for someone's Xmas gift..
    This one is for ME!!!!!
  The leaves are falling....oh no!
   A quilt top I did over the busy summer!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the visit!!!!


  1. It still can't believe my comment isn't here!! Your post is perfect, and your work is amazing...I really like the leaf quilt and your Batik quilt is gorgeous!


Let the fun being!