Friday, March 1, 2013

February 2013 NEWFO Challenge

Well another month as cruised by and the weather hasn't been very cooperative for outside activities so the sewing room was my favorite hang out.

This month there was lots of snowstorms therefore it seemed only fitting to sew creations that had a winter theme.

There no better way to make a snowman that with mittens. This wall hanging was a kit that I had purchased, lets just say many many moons ago.

A saying that we have in our Stitch and Gossip weekly get together "What talked about here stays here"(lol) so  this creations seems do fitting. Just the binding left to do.

                    I DO NOT SEE     I DO NOT HEAR   I DO NOT TELL!                                                                       We have many, many laughs and enjoyed our creations. 

This table topper is a Connecting Thread kit that Marjorie and I had done together. It was fun to do I had a learned to make different cuts and joining everything together for an amazing finish. Now just the FMO and binding.

                      This one was also fun to so and will be ready for display for Christmass. These both need some FMQ and binding so another snowy weekend arriving so off to the sewing room.

Thanks again to Barb  for hosting and looking forward to seeing all the other creations.



  1. Everything came together nicely Connie. Love the little snowmen....hahaha!!

  2. They are all beautiful. I love the three little snowmen.Nice write up. Will have to do that one.

  3. These are adorable. Thanks for linking up. I love the snowmen.

  4. Some fun creative quilts. Cold days and then those really hot ones beg for me to spend my time quilting. Sounds like you do the same. :)

  5. Well you have been very busy. I really like all your projects!

  6. Love all your projects, but especially those snowmen!


Let the fun being!